2019 ~ A Year (and Decade) in Review

Looking back at this past year (and decade), I summed it up during my New Year meditation and intention ceremony down to one word… Overwhelming.

2019 and this past decade has been so hard but so f*@&ing necessary.

This past decade I dealt with the fallout of my father’s death on my family, I left a controlling religion that held me back since childhood, my marriage falling apart because my husband cheated, restarting my life from two suitcases, loss of fur babies due to old age, divorce, started a proper career in travel, traveled to 22 new countries, started to go hiking, skiing, downhill mountain biking and enjoying other things that make me happy again, climbing the corporate ladder very quickly to have my own shop, closure of my shop, growing my travel influencer/business coaching/marketing business, launched a podcast to landing on my feet finally on the ground floor of a brand new premium travel agency brand.

Reading back this list, I can’t help but feel proud. It’s been overwhelming, but so amazing at the same time. I found my authentic self.

I grew as a person so much over this past 10 years. I gained so much strength from within to deal with everything. I didn’t let my situations define me. I learned what I want and what I didn’t in my relationships (for love and in friends and family), and I won’t settle. I learned so many valuable lessons in life this past year and decade and also in business.

So now let’s dial in how this past year was for me.

What did 2019 teach me overall about myself? It taught me to be open, trust the path I’m on, manifestations do come true. I needed to see the value of me, my health and put myself first. I felt feelings of failure and vulnerability. I realized that there are always ebbs and flows to life and it’s how we react to situations that determines if we’ve grown or taken a step backwards.

In 2019, what are you most grateful for? I’m grateful for all the lessons learned, positive and negative. I’m grateful for my friends (old and new), my family and my clients. I made some great new connections in my business this year. I’m grateful for my travels, being able to recharge and the ability to see five new countries this year (Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia). I’m grateful that I believed in myself and had the courage to start and launch a podcast (The Wanderlust Journey Travel Podcast).

My biggest accomplishments in 2019 was being a store manager for a Flight Centre store and all the learnings that came from that. Also, focusing on my business coaching, targeted growth on my social media platforms, working on my own business projects and launching a podcast this year all by myself. Landing a position in a new brand of Flight Centre, the first one in Western Canada, a new premium travel agency called Laurier Du Vallon.

2020 and this upcoming decade is a blank canvas for me.

During my intention setting and meditation ceremony I ended with how I want 2020 and beyond to look. I got very specific in my goals and set metrics for them. I even did a few exercises to come up with my “words” and “mantra” for this new year. So I’m going into this next year with a positive outlook and a mantra of “I am worthy of love, peace, balance and abundance”. I’ve set my new goals personally and in my career using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based) goals. The words that I chose for this year are Success, Abundance, Love, Health, Wealth and Positivity. I summed it down to “I am worthy” of these things – so my one word for 2020 is Worth.

I’ve got so much planned for 2020 already. In travel, I’m heading to Norway, Germany, France and England in May. In July, I’m heading back to England to take in the British Formula One Grand Prix, then flying to Denmark to do a Baltic Cruise and visit Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden. My last trip on the books as of right now for this year is in September, I’m leading a river cruise from Switzerland through France, Germany, Luxembourg and finally ending in the Netherlands. If you’re interested in joining me on this cruise please contact me. I do still have cabins available on this sailing through the Rhine Gorge. It’s going to be a great year, I’ll be adding a minimum of eight new countries to my list! I’ve got some great guests coming up on my podcast this year and excited to see where this goes and takes me.

2019 and this past decade were so f%$ing necessary. It’s set me up to absolutely slay in 2020 and this decade to come.

2020, I’m ready.