Packing for Vietnam

I usually start packing for a trip about a week to two weeks before I go somewhere, this way I find it’s not a mad dash at the end, and I’m able to mindfully make decisions about what I pack (and what I don’t).

As I unpacked from my 1 night repositioning cruise on the Ruby Princess, I’m repacking the same carry on with my items for Vietnam. Yes, I am taking just a carry on to Vietnam.  I guess I’m challenging myself, I’ve always overpacked. Many times coming back from a destination I’m sitting on my suitcase trying desperately to zip it up, and/or buying a secondary bag to fit souvenirs I’ve accumulated along the way. I know I need to simplify, so to resist the urges of buying unnecessary items (partially to save money for my Europe trip in August), carry on it is.

I’m going to be packing light. I’m flying with China Airlines and Vietnam Airlines, carry on limit is 7 kgs, plus a personal item such as a purse. I’ve decided dress in layers, wearing the heaviest items of clothing that I’m planning to bring, this way it won’t effect my carry on weight. I get cold on planes anyways, so this way I’ll be warm and comfortable haha. I won’t be bringing my MacBook this time, I’m taking a journal to write in instead.

Traveling to Asia is definitely an adjustment. Public washrooms can be a very simple squat toilet, or a western style washroom with the toilet paper located near the paper towel where you wash your hands. I’ve learned to be and travel prepared. I always carry a roll of toilet paper or at least tissues in my purse, not to mention antibacterial wet wipes and hand sanitizer. I always wipe public areas down with wipes, especially my seat area in an airplane (tray, armrests, in-seat entertainment system and sometimes the window if it’s smudged), bathrooms, hotel rooms, etc. I might sound like a germaphobe (ok, if I’m honest I am one), but I really hate getting sick during a trip. For health related issues I bring Pepto-Bismol, Benadryl, Gravol, Advil, Ener-C packs (contains vitamins and electrolytes, important for hot, humid climates and warding off plane germs) and last but not least, Saje Immune roll on (for warding off colds and other germs).

I’ll be taking one swimsuit, I’m really hoping we will be able to kayak in Halong Bay during our overnight cruise. I know the hotel in Hoi An has a pool, so one swimsuit will be fine.

For technology, I’ll be taking my iPhone 6, for photos and posting to Instagram and Facebook, and to keep in touch with my family on FaceTime. I’m bringing my GoPro Hero 4 with waterproof housing. I brought it with me to Thailand and Bali and got some great footage with it. I’m also taking my Canon 6D for those photos that I want the extra quality for.

I have to say, I’m getting excited! Really excited, only a couple days to go!

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