Vietnam Countdown – 4 Weeks to Go!

My Vietnam countdown is officially on! 4 weeks to go!

I’m so excited and can’t wait to share my adventure with you all!

I am doing a “taster trip” of Intrepid Travel’s Real Food Adventure – Vietnam. Our journey will start in Hanoi and end in Ho Chi Minh City, spanning over nine days! This trip includes a couple cooking classes, an overnight cruise on Halong Bay, an overnight train to Danang and many street food stops along the way. I’m planning to document this trip day by day and also by video.

This past Thursday, I made the trip to the Vietnamese Consulate downtown Vancouver to get my Vietnamese visa. I paid $103.00 Canadian Dollars to get it completed and I will pick it up on Wednesday (so just under a week). I know there are other ways to get the visa for Vietnam, such as paying to get a visa on arrival. After doing quite a bit of research, I decided that getting it done before I left was the best (and safest) route for me. If you apply through a third party agency, you could be taking your chances. Not only that, when you arrive you have to make sure you have all your documents and passport photo with you, along with paying a “stamping fee” in US Dollars at immigration. The lines can be long and I just want to get to my hotel and start exploring Hanoi once I land. I’d rather not have any extra stress, just enjoy this journey.

On to what I’m packing… Still debating on bringing a suitcase, however I think I’m sticking to just a carry on. Going to be interesting, but I’m going to try. I tend to overpack and really not need half the items I take, so it’s going to be a test for me. My apartment is also getting very full, so by taking just a carry on, I’m limiting the unnecessary souvenirs I might purchase along the way.

May 18th can’t come soon enough!



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