A New Year, A New Outlook

Already the first week of the new year has passed. It’s been an emotional Holiday season, and I’m thankful it’s over. You see, I signed my final divorce papers on December 19th. In lots of ways it was a day of relief, but the days following, I’m not going to lie were difficult. So many friends were with family and their spouses or boyfriends. I was, well, alone.

Being alone hasn’t really bothered me this past year. I’ve been busy, focusing on my career and moving forward with my life. But I realized over Christmas that I am having that feeling of missing companionship. We all have the need and want to be loved and cherished by someone. Friends and family help stave that feeling, but only to an extent. I’ve worked hard on myself. I’ve worked hard to have my own personal mission statement so to speak. I know what I want in life and what I don’t want, and I know I won’t ever settle. I’ve had time to work on these issues and know and trust myself. I don’t need anyone to make me whole, I already am. However I am ready for someone to complement my life.

So I’m beginning this year being open. Open to finding love and new opportunities. I know it’s not going to be easy. I know it’s going to take someone really special and patient to become my partner. I’m not looking for marriage. I think I’ve said it before in another post, I don’t believe in marriage anymore. However I do believe in partnership and commitments.

We will see what this year brings. I know I will continue to travel, I made a big decision over the Holidays that I will be doing another bucket list trip. Actually one I wanted to do with my then husband. I’m going to be spending my birthday in Italy. I’ve booked a three week adventure which includes an 11 day (round trip Rome) Mediterranean cruise (visiting Italy, Greece and Malta), then spending time in Milan, doing a few days trips from there with an epic finale of attending the Italian Grand Prix in Monza before departing back home.

I will never stop growing as a person. This is my first year that I am not doing resolutions. Even growing up a Jehovah’s Witness I still secretly made resolutions, even though I wasn’t supposed to. Having resolutions are good, having goals is healthy, but I hardly ever completed them. This year I simply want to work on living a creative and mindful life. Really living a life of “wanderlust”, being happy and paying it forward whenever I can.

So I started this year with a hope that this year is again a good year. I have dreams and goals that I hope get fulfilled, both personal and in my career.

Cheers, to 2017.


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