Rocky Mountaineer Train Inspection


Ok, I can’t begin to tell you how much I truly love my job!

All these amazing opportunities to see the different travel products we sell is awesome!

Today we woke up crazy early and got to the Rocky Mountaineer station around 6:30am, just as the sun was rising.

We got to tour a GoldLeaf Service train and a SilverLeaf Service train, seeing things in person actually helps you sell the product way better as you can more easily explain it to your clients.

GoldLeaf service – Beautiful bi-level cars, completely domed on top, and yes the windows are UV tinted. Not as much headroom as a SilverLeaf car, but very nice. There is power outlet at every seat (on the cars that they have been upgrading), so your cell phone or camera will never be without a full charge. Seats are automatic and even have heat! Dining car is the level below, very nice setup and cute menus. Food looks amazing and the hosts are extremely friendly.

SilverLeaf service – I can’t wait for my trip in October!! I’m travelling SilverLeaf from Vancouver to Banff and really excited now for my trip. The menu looks fabulous and lots of headroom in this car. Has a slight dome feature, very bright and wouldn’t feel claustrophobic in there at all! Again, the newer, refurbished cars have power outlets, and still very comfortable seats. The food service is at your seat, however it is still plated on actual plates and you get real silverware, not like an ecomomy plane at all (maybe first class plane service lol).

It was also exciting to see the behind the scenes and all the travellers arriving and getting excited. The “All Aboard” was called and the bagpiper piped everyone onto the platform. Within 30 minutes, everyone was onboard and the train leaving with us all waiving it off.

I’m so excited to be offered the opportunity to experience this once in a lifetime trip. The Rocky Mountaineer is really a Canadian bucket list trip. I’ll be writing all about it in October, you can be sure of that!

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