Disney Wonder Ship Tour

On August 22nd, 2016 myself and 41 other Flight Centre Travel Agents were invited by Disney to spend the day touring the Disney Wonder and learn more about the Disney Parks, before waving off the ship as she made her last voyage to Alaska for the season!


I really enjoyed the ship overall, lots for the kids to see and do. This ship is going into dry dock in a couple months and will get an upgrade to most of the public areas.

I love how the emphasis on details, like the Cadillac Lounge, the back of the bar is an old front of a Cadillac and features twinkling lighted cityscapes on the walls. The Parrot Cay dining room is very “Caribbean” and I LOVED the pineapple detailing on the chairs (kinda wanted to take one home with me). Animators Palate (this restaurant is getting the biggest overhaul of all) looks like a really neat family dining experience.

The rooms are very decent sized, inside cabins are suitable for a small family, and the balcony staterooms are lovely. We also got a chance to look inside the Walter E Disney Suite which is insane! Not as modern as other ships like NCL with their Haven Suites, but very elegant.

Outdoors on the decks, they have 3 pools, one for kids, one for families and one for adults only. They do have an 18+ area for parents to relax and the spa looks great! One draw back is the heated mosaic loungers are in a dark room with no windows, other ships have them faced to a window to enjoy the scenery. But the private spa rooms look amazing! Definitely would rent one of those for a bit!!

Is it worth the hefty price tag? Maybe. Disney Cruises are EXPENSIVE! However, if you are a huge Disney fan, it would be a bucket list item for you. As each family boards the ship, you are welcomed by the characters and crew and formally announced, pretty cool if you asked me! We cheered on a few families arriving too ๐Ÿ™‚ Would I recommend this cruise to a couple looking for peace and quiet, no. The fact it’s a Disney Cruise should say everything, there are kids everywhere.

All in all, it was a super fun day and I can’t wait until my repositioning cruise next month with NCL!

Here are some of my photos:

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