The Soul Healing Side of Tattoos

While I was away in Thailand, I did something I thought I would probably never do.

I got a tattoo.

Nope, I wasn’t drunk, high or anything for all of you wondering, this is not a story like “The Hangover 2” either.

I was fully aware of what I was doing, had’t had a drop to drink that day and I don’t do drugs (they really are bad for you kids!). I had an idea of what I wanted earlier in the year. If I wanted a tattoo, I was going to get two glyphs melded into one.


So with this glyph chart I found (I honestly can’t remember where, I just saved it to my iPhone), I fell in love with the two meanings that really hit me last year (2015). The glyph for Explore and the glyph for Transform. That summed up so many things in my life. I was exploring a whole new me, process of living, experiencing new places, exploring life. I was also transforming, transforming into a strong, skinnier (ha! I’m adding it cause it’s true), independent woman. The two together made even more sense. It was like it was made for me. The two glyphs once melded into one look like a snow capped mountain. I’m a mountain girl at heart, what can I say. I was miserable when I was pulled from my home, I gained even more weight and missed the mountains everyday. That was a few issues, I get that, but I now have a reminder about my strength and that I am my own mountain.

While I was on Ko Phi Phi in Thailand, I saw all these amazing tattoo artists, I would stand there and watch a few of them at work, not with a tattoo gun, but with the traditional method of tattooing, bamboo. I went home that night and did a bunch of research and asked around who was the best on the island. I heard a couple time that Coral Ink Tattoo did the bamboo tattoos and they were clean and very good. So off I went, they are on the other side of Ko Phi Phi from the pier, down the street to get to one of the beach clubs. They really were amazing. My bamboo tattoo only cost me 1000 Thai Baht and the process, like I had read was actually completely painless. I was shocked. It didn’t hurt. Now mine was simple and small, and I’ve been told that shading can be painful, but if you are reading reviews of bamboo tattoos, mine didn’t hurt.

I guess this is where I really saw how a tattoo can really heal a soul. There is something magical about getting my tattoo on Ko Phi Phi, it was a beautiful place. The bamboo aspect brought in the more traditional way of how tattoos are done, so I had an appreciation for that as well. Every time I look at my wrist, I feel power, energy. I never had that before. To me, my tattoo symbolizes so much. It has helped me heal from my past, I truly am my own mountain. I think that’s maybe what more people should do when they tattoo. For it to be a soulful healer, it needs to come from the heart and have deep meaning to you. For most of my friends that have them, it’s what they’ve done as well. The only problem now is the want to get another. They say that once you get one, you are hooked. I’m beginning to think they are right…

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