Packing for Bali/Thailand

With just a week to go until I leave, I’ve begun packing!

I am bringing a 26″ lightweight Heys suitcase and a Dakine Heli Pro 2 as my carry-on.

Thinking about what I needed for this trip, I thought I would create a post about some of the things I am packing which sometimes get forgotten by others.

Camera gear/technology – So I’m planning to bring a few pieces to document my journey. I will be bringing along my GoPro Hero 4 Silver with an underwater housing, my Canon 6D and a few memory cards. I am also bringing my iPhone 6 to take quick pictures to post to Instagram and Facebook once I get back to my hotel each night. I will be turning my cellular service and my data off, but the nice thing with an iPhone is that you can still use most functions just connected to wifi (iMessage, FaceTime, posting photos, etc). I will also be taking my Samsung tablet, just in case I decide my iPhone is too small to do browsing at night, or to upload some of my GoPro videos and photos.

Snorkelling gear – One thing I read several times is that it’s recommended to bring your own gear if you can. I heard that renting gear can be expensive and of course you aren’t 100% sure if they really sanitized the snorkel completely. So I decided not to take the chance and just bring my own. I found a set at Costco this summer for $29.99, so very reasonable and it includes the mask, snorkel and fins.

Travel documents – I have hard copies of everything! Hotel confirmations, flight details, copy of my passport, travel insurance documents, tour itineraries, credit card company/bank phone numbers, etc. These documents will go into the hotel safe wherever I am in case my details on me gets stolen or lost.

Other items – Some of the other items I am taking are a small emergency kit, Tylenol, Gravol, Pepto Bismol, sunscreen (I also bought a travel size to keep in my purse for re-applications on the go), hand sanitizer, wet wipes, Clorox wipes (to wipe down hotel and airplane surfaces), Downy wrinkle release spray (amazing for travelling!), insect repellant, mini flashlight, and a few other little things here and there. I also purchased some Ener-C, little packets of powder that contain vitamins and minerals that help with immune system health and replenish electrolytes.

Other than that of course I packed some great outfits and who can forget the most important item of all on a trip like this… My swimsuit! 😉

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