Money/Travel Belts and RFID Blockers


I’ve heard of so many horror stories about people getting ripped off and passports being stolen that I wasn’t going to take the chance. I bought myself a money belt. But I went one step further in making sure it had an RFID blocker built in and I’ll tell you why.

One day when filling my car with fuel at the gas station, I took my wallet out to pay and without even taking a card out of my wallet, the tap credit card scanner had read one of my cards with the tap function active. I had no idea what card it had used until I matched the last four numbers of my credit card on the receipt.

Umm, scary 😦

That day I disconnected the tap function on my debit card and credit cards because I really wondered how safe it really is. There are card readers that exist where in a crowd someone can walk by you, and read your information right off your active RFID card. There goes your credit card info into the wrong hands…

So to avoid scams and headaches as much as possible, I made sure to purchase everything that was going to house my credit cards and passport in with RFID blocking technology. This way thieves can’t read my cards and steal my information. It’s a great idea, and really glad it’s available now in money belts. I purchased mine at Atmosphere (owned by Sport Chek), an Eagle Creek Travel/Money Belt for $29.99. It seems to be very comfortable and has a couple different zipped compartments. Hope this info helped!

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