Today was a day of change.

In some ways it was quite emotional. Being married for 10 years and being known as something has it’s identity issues. But in a way that’s not who I am anymore, especially with what’s transpired this year. I feel a stronger bond to my maiden name now more than ever. I feel like reverting back to my maiden name is genuinely me, restarting, fresh.

It was a pretty easy process contrary to what some think.

I’m still not divorced, so no decree of divorce, or needing to get a name change signed by a judge. I took my birth certificate, marriage certificate and an old passport I had issued with my maiden name to the drivers licensing office and the process took about the same time as a regular renewal. There were no issues whatsoever. I did the same with a few other things (updated my SIN, a few reward cards I use frequently, etc), again, a very simple process.

Now because of my trip, I’m not changing my name on everything quite yet.

Airline tickets, my Contiki tour and a few other things were booked in my married name and of course cannot be changed. So this means until I return from my trip, my passport, credit cards and a few other things will remain in my married name.

Every day that goes by, I truly am opening my heart and mind to what the universe has in store for me. Every day that goes by I see the beauty and chance I’ve been given at a new happier life. Change is painful and beautiful at the same time. Sometimes we just need to trust the process and embrace change.

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