Globe and Journal

I love journaling my trips.

It’s something I can always look back on, also write in the moment when my tablet and/or computer isn’t in reach. There is also something about writing on paper that I love. When you pen words to paper, sometimes you remember more than just what was happening at that moment, it brings you back to the smells, the views, the moment your were experiencing that very time you were writing. I tend to blog after I return from my trips, so my journals are also my reference.

So I went in search for a journal for my Bali/Thailand trip and found a beautiful one at HomeSense for $6.99! It’s the perfect size and honestly I can’t wait to start using it.

I also found a globe at HomeSense as well, it had a few marks on it (which was ok because of what I had planned for it), so I got it at a fantastic deal. I saw an awesome idea of using a globe and writing all over it with all the places you’ve traveled. Over the years, you fill your globe with all your travel experiences. It’s a great keepsake project that I absolutely love. Years from now, I hope to look my globe and all the places I’ve traveled and really appreciate that there is more happiness in memories than things 🙂

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