Backpack vs Suitcase

One of my biggest dilemmas so far has been whether or not to travel with a backpack or a suitcase.

In many ways a backpack looks to be so much easier, for instance on Koh Phi Phi there aren’t any cars, so I will be lugging my suitcase from the ferry dock to the resort. Now a backpack in this case would probably be easier. If I’m honest with myself, I wouldn’t be bringing a large suitcase or backpack anyways. A backpack really only carries about the same amount as a smaller suitcase. So lugging that around really shouldnt be a problem with me, and a suitcase has wheels. My smaller suitcase also has hard sides, great for keeping breakables safe. My concern that with a backpack, if I check it into luggage on a plane, anything breakable packed in there would get broken. I don’t have plans to buy lots in the way of souvenirs, however I do collect mugs and magnets from places I visit. So I would really like those pieces to arrive home with me unscathed.

So here is what I have decided on. I will be purchasing a very good day pack. Something that is comfortable, ergonomic for day hikes, skiing and keeping my camera gear in. I have a hidden money belt for my passport, money and credit cards, but I think the day pack idea will work best for what I am going to be doing. This will also be my carry on for flights, etc. I was really tossing up the idea of travelling with just a backpack, but lets face it, I’m a girl and I do have a tendency to over pack haha 😉

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