My First Adventure… Booked!

Thailand and Bali

So my first adventure is officially booked!

Bali and Thailand here I come 🙂

I did learn quite a bit during this booking process. I learned that it is much easier and actually cheaper to book flights on your own than with a travel agent. My aunt and I had a very unfortunate experience with the travel agent we used. It has actually left me with quite the bad view on the system. She was very willing to book the flights that I had already researched on Expedia, for around the same prices. She had actually quoted me one flight completely wrong, a direct flight from Bali to Phuket, unfortunately no flight exists. So I had to find a flight that was cheap enough and not a 12 hour travel day like the one flight she suggested. I found a cheaper, more easier travel day through JetStar myself. After all this, I was charged a $68.25 booking fee! We were never told of this fee! So word to those looking to use travel agents to book anything, ask about fees, commissions, etc. They should be completely transparent about these things to you. It will save you any extra suprises showing up on your credit card statement.

I also bought myself two travel guides, the Lonely Planet guide to Thailand’s Islands and Beaches and the Bali/Lombok guide. Not sure if I will actually use the lodging recommendations, but the information on the culture, history, travel tips are great!

While in Thailand, I am going on a guided tour with Contiki. I will be doing the Island Hopper West tour, starting in Phuket.

I am so excited about planning this trip, I will be posting tips and ideas along the way.

Now to think about whether or not to take a suitcase or use a backpack? I feel another blog post coming on…

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